Austin’s Pressure Washing of Fairfield, Ohio

Austin’s Pressure Washing of Fairfield, Ohio

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  • Soft Washing
  • Pressure Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Exterior House Wash
  • Gutter Clearing
  • Pressure Washing Driveways
  • Patio and Deck Care
  • Driveway Sealing
  • Installing Gutter Guards
  • Painting Railings
  • Painting Foundation
  • Landscape Protection
  • And more!
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Austin’s Pressure Washing of Fairfield provides all the services you need to keep your home clean, safe, and looking good! We do exterior house washing, window cleaning, power washing, roof washing, and more. Give us a call! We’ll help you take care of your home so it will keep taking care of you for years to come.

At Austin’s Pressure Washing, we know exactly how important your house is. It’s not just a structure or an investment. It’s a space to be with your family. It’s where you watch football and eat Buckeyes, a place that belongs to you. It’s home. That’s why we work hard to take care of the homes in Fairfield.


If you live in Fairfield, people are important to you. And you want your house to look great when friends and neighbors come over to watch the game or just hang out. Giving the outside of your house a good wash will make it shine! 

As a homeowner in the Fairfield area, maybe you’ve thought about PRESSURE WASHING your house to clean it up a bit. But if you really love you’re house and want it to last for a long time, you should avoid PRESSURE WASHING your home. We recommend a gentler and safer method. Soft Washing!

But what’s the difference between PRESSURE WASHING and soft washing? Both methods will wash away the dirt, grime, algae, and mold that collects on your house, but PRESSURE WASHING will damage your home! The high-pressure is too much for your siding. It’ll strip off its protective finish, and can even loosen and break off bits of the siding itself. It can even tear up your landscaping. Instead of a beautiful home and garden, you’ll be left with an ugly mess.

More importantly, PRESSURE WASHING without proper training is not safe. If the pressure is high enough to damage your house, imagine what it could do to you if you’re not careful! High-pressured water can cause bruises, lacerations, and more serious injuries. PRESSURE WASHING should only be done by those with the right training.

Soft washing is a much better way to clean your home. Unlike PRESSURE WASHING, soft washing doesn’t just blast off surface stains. It uses low pressure and specialized cleaners for a deeper clean, thoroughly removing all traces of algae and mold. Algae, mold, and other elements aren’t just ugly. They’re also damaging to your house and dangerous to your family’s health. Soft washing will easily remove these hazards. But, unlike PRESSURE WASHING, it’ll leave behind your siding and its protective finish, beautiful and undamaged.

We would never hurt your home by PRESSURE WASHING your siding at Austin’s Pressure Washing of Fairfield. Instead, we use soft washing to get the job done right. So if you’re in the Fairfield area, we’d love to help you protect your house. The exterior house washing services we provide will make you even more proud to call it home.

Soft Wash Roof Washing

Have you noticed dark streaks and stains multiplying across your roof? Getting rid of these ugly stains is a good way to take care of your house. Not only will it look much better, but it’ll also protect your home from dangerous enemies like algae and mold. What’s so bad about algae and mold?

These days asphalt roof shingles are mostly made of fiberglass and limestone. Limestone is heavy and durable, which is great for your roof, but it also has a downside. Algae and mold FEED ON LIMESTONE. Over time, algae and mold will cause your roof to weaken and break apart by eating away the limestone in your shingles. This kind of damage can TAKE YEARS OFF THE LIFE OF YOUR ROOF!

As a homeowner, what can you do about it? Regular roof washing can save your wallet! So call Austin’s Pressure Washing of Fairfield. We take good care of your roof through regular soft wash roof washing. Why use soft washing instead of power washing? Though its name sounds gentle and light, soft washing is tougher than you think. Soft washing incorporates a mix of algaecides, surfactants, bleach, and water. Instead of just removing the stains you can see, it actually goes deeper and kills bacteria, algae, and mold. When your roof washing is done by Austin’s Pressure Washing of Fairfield, it’s done right.

Have you ever seen the damage that power washing can do to a roof? It removes the granules in the shingles, leaving it looking ragged and chewed up. The wear and tear on your roof takes years off its life and you’ll end up replacing your roof much sooner than you planned. If you’ve ever had to replace your roof, you know that it’s not an easy job. In fact, ROOF REPLACEMENT CAN COST AS MUCH AS YOUR CAR! With our professional soft washing service, your roof will have a nice, long life.

But what if your roof doesn’t seem to have any damage? Should you still do a regular roof washing? We at Austin’s Pressure Washing of Fairfield are strong believers in preventative care. Just like regular tune-ups will maintain the good condition of your car, regular roof washing will maintain the good condition of your roof. Don’t wait until the damage has already been done! Give Austin’s Pressure Washing a call to care for the roof of your Fairfield home. We’ll make sure algae and mold never get the chance to shorten the life of your roof!

Why Use Us For Your Exterior House Washing?

Your Fairfield home deserves the best care possible! When it comes to exterior house washing, Austin’s Pressure Washing of Fairfield is the perfect choice. But why not just hire the lowest bidder, the cheapest exterior house washing company around? These companies often do shoddy work, but that’s not the worst of it. The work they do can actually harm your house.

These exterior house washing companies aren’t careful to protect your landscaping and plants and homeowners often end up with ruined gardens. Austin’s Pressure Washing of Fairfield provides an exterior house washing service that takes all the needed precautions to protect your plants. To protect them from chemical burns we spray them down, giving them a barrier of cool water. To be on the safe side, we might even use tarps to cover your garden. We appreciate the hard work you do to beautify your property so we work hard to protect your landscaping while providing the best exterior house washing services!

At Austin’s Pressure Washing of Fairfield, we know that protecting your landscaping is an important part of our job. We want you to be able to come home to a beautiful house and garden. So if you’re a homeowner in Fairfield Ohio, we’re here for you.

But there are even worse issues with these companies! Often they’re not properly trained, so they don’t know when they should be power washing or when soft washing is the better choice. Companies like that might try power washing your roof to remove the algae and mold. And we know how damaging that is! In the end, an exterior house washing service like that will cost more in repairs than it’s worth. 

Sadly, you’d be left with a low-quality exterior house wash and a lot of expensive and time-consuming repairs to do on your home. Certified and trained professionals like Austin’s Pressure Washing of Fairfield will always give you a great exterior house washing experience. Give us a call if you want a high-quality exterior house washing service for your home.

Window Cleaning

If your home is looking a little dull, the problem might be your windows! A good window cleaning can let in more natural lighten and brighten up your home. Why should you have professionals like Austin’s Pressure Washing of Fairfield care for your window cleaning?

Your interior windows have a build-up of smudges, dust, water spots, and sometimes even handprints. You might have attempted to clean them yourself, but household cleaners have the tendency to leave behind annoying streaks. Plus, some of your windows are behind heavy furniture and are probably difficult to get to.

The window cleaning solutions and techniques that we use at Austin’s Pressure Washing will leave your windows streak-free and shining! We care about the inside of your home just as much as the outside so we wear booties and use furniture coverings so as not to hurt your home or furniture while we provide great window cleaning services. Instead of leaving behind a mess, we strive to leave your home even better than we found it!

Interior Versus Exterior Window Cleaning

But what about exterior window cleaning? Don’t worry! We can take care of that too.

Is exterior window cleaning any different from indoor window cleaning? Yes! Your outside windows are exposed to changing weather conditions, car engine smoke, algae, and mold. They get much dirtier than your indoor windows! The accumulation of these things can cause pitting and scratches in the glass. Regular exterior window cleaning will remove these elements, extending the life of your windows.

What’s the best way to clean exterior windows? As you probably know, power washing and windows aren’t a good mix. Power washing can destroy screens and damage the glass panes in your windows. So what can be done? Soft washing to the rescue! Soft washing won’t hurt your windows, it’ll just leave them shiny, clean, and protected.

Should you do the exterior window washing yourself? We don’t recommend it. Here’s why. You probably don’t have the right supplies. Household cleaners usually don’t have the power to clean off all the accumulated dirt, algae, mold, and other elements on your windows. A stronger, professional-grade window cleaning solution is needed to get your windows truly clean. Not to mention, climbing ladders to reach high-up windows is a risk you shouldn’t have to take. To keep yourself safe and get a thorough professional window cleaning, call Austin’s Pressure Washing of Fairfield.

We at Austin’s Pressure Washing of Fairfield want your windows to last as long as possible. So if you want to hire a company that will take excellent care of your windows, give us a call!

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is possibly the household chore that gets the least love and attention.  It’s not usually how you would want to spend your free time. Plus, it takes much longer if you don’t have the right tools and training. Why should you clean your gutters at all?

Your gutters’ whole purpose is to carry rainwater away from your house and foundation. So your gutters protect your home! But they can only do their job if gutter cleaning is done regularly. Why is that? Water will overflow from your clogged gutters onto the foundation and maybe even into the basement of your house. Repairing your foundation is expensive! Plus, you might start having mold issues that could put the health of your family at risk. Also, unwanted pests thrive in clogged gutters. It’s clear that regular gutter cleaning is an important part of maintaining your Fairfield home.

The gutter cleaning services provided by Austin’s Pressure Washing of Fairfield will help protect your home from damage. Plus, why deal with the unpleasantness of gutter cleaning when we’re happy to do it for you?

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At Austin’s Pressure Washing, we’re proud to take care of the homes in our community. If you live in Fairfield Ohio and need a good exterior house wash, give us a call. We’d love to help! If you don’t live in Fairfield, find out what other areas we service.

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